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The Soup Kitchen

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  • What: 

    The Soup Kitchen Society was established at GCU Students’ Association in October 2015. The society started off with a small member base of 6 students, however the committee worked hard to generate interest among their fellow students and now have over 30 members as a result. Before being formally activated as a society, members had to raise much of their funds on their own, taking part in many fundraising activities such as bake sales and GCUSA’s LOST event.

  • Who: GCU Students’ Association
  • When: Since October 2015
  • Where: Glasgow, United Kingdom.


The Soup Kitchen Society is a small part of a bigger picture. They work in an area of Glasgow alongside the Emmaus charity group to feed poor and disadvantaged groups of people. Many of the charity’s volunteers are people who are recovering from some form of addiction and wish to give back to the community. Our students work with these volunteers one night a week, providing food and company to the public. The society collect bread from Marks & Spencer’s, who donate old loaves that are about to go out of date. They generally encourage fellow students to become involved, and are passionate about giving back to those in need.

Beneficiaries & Stakeholders:

Our Soup Kitchen Society work hard to follow GCU’s motto: “For the Common Weal” by engaging with the community and helping those less fortunate than them.  Marks & Spencer’s also kindly donate any old bread that will not be used.

Insights & Conclusions:

The members of the Soup Kitchen Society have come to appreciate that charity work can be emotion- ally draining. Many of the people they interact with through this work come from deprived backgrounds, and may be recovering from addiction. Volunteers are not only there to feed these people, they also provide support, a friendly face, and pass on their knowledge of current services. The Soup Kitchen Society has come to realise that working towards the Common Good can be extremely challenging, but that it can also be extremely rewarding.

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