Strategy for Change Lectures . Paul Gardien

Sustaining Transformation 

Strategy for Change Lectures . Paul Gardien

Paul Gardien is Vice President of Philips Design and a member of the Philips Design Board. He is responsible for the strategy portfolio and, as head of Design Strategy & Design Innovation, he manages the Design Innovation Program, new business development and building of new design capabilities. Next to this, Paul is responsible for Philips Design’s engagement with external clients and the design activities of the Philips Global Brand Licensing program.
Paul has spent his entire professional career at Philips Design, working in many different areas ranging from product, multimedia and internet design, to different management and development functions. He joined in 1988 and for the next six years was involved in user interface and industrial design, project management and creative direction on diverse projects. From 1994 until 1998 he dedicated his time to the new multimedia and interaction design capability. For the subsequent four years his main focus was the eDesign service, which eventually grew to 65 people. In 2002 Paul concentrated on developing Philips Design’s research activities and establishing links with other relevant parties such as Philips Research. This work resulted in numerous awards and forms the basis for Philips Design’s capability development and new business initiatives. In 2007 Paul assumed his current role as Vice President and member of the management team responsible for the strategy portfolio. In 2011 he played a crucial role in the transformation of Philips Design from being a service organization to an integrated strategic function within Philips, which resulted in the establishment of a Chief Design Officer role. Paul is and has been a member of various boards, e.g. Design Initiative Foundation, Program Board IOP IPCR1, Research Advisory Board of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and jurored in multiple renowned design competitions like iF and the Austrian Multimedia prize. He’s also a frequent speaker at international design and innovation conferences.