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Glasgow Wood Recycling

    Project information

  • Who: Glasgow Wood Recycling.
  • When: Established 2006
  • Where: Glasgow, United Kingdom.


There are a number of initiatives in which they also participate, including:

Eco Schools in which Glasgow Wood Recycling assess the needs of schools and improve the environment of their school grounds.
Sow and Grow Everywhere (SAGE) is a project aimed at stimulating community food growing across Glasgow by developing derelict, vacant and underused land to be transformed and used by people to grow their own food.

Beneficiaries & Stakeholders:

Glasgow Wood Recycling was established in 2006 and has provided volunteering and training opportunities to many people experiencing poverty and social exclusion in the Glasgow area.

Insights & Conclusions:

Alongside their commitment to environmental impact, the organisation offers training and volunteering opportunities in order to challenge the effects of social exclusion and help people into employment.

The organisation has worked with over 90 schools in Scotland as part of the Ecoschools initiative.

The Sow and Grow Everywhere projects have been successful across Glasgow with the assistance of Glasgow Wood Recycling, with spaces having been created at Gartnavel Hospital and Greyfriars Garden in the Merchant City.

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