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Community SOS

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  • What: 

    The “Community Sos” project aims to connect people in need of help with volunteers, citizen, municipalities and NGO in the aftermath of a man-made or  a natural disaster via a social media platform. With a focus on the refugee crisis, our goal is to implement a solution that will facilitate their integration and their interaction with the host community.

  • Who: Interactive Institute Swedish ICT Umeå University
  • When: From January 2015 and ongoing
  • Where: Sliperiet, Innovation Hub, Umeå, Sweden


The purpose of this project is to: In Sweden, refugees are taken on a scale that never happened before. With around 160 000 refugees in 2015, the Swedish Migration Board cannot fulfil refugee needs alone and so the support of different members of the community is necessary to facilitate their integration.

-Connect refugees with local NGO, municipality and citizens;

-Facilitate the allocation and sharing of resources at the local level;

-Facilitate the management of social activities to integrate refugees to the community.

Beneficiaries & Stakeholders:

Internal Stakeholders

1 web developer; 1 project manager; 1 business developer.

Internal Stakeholders

Municipalities; Refugees; Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR); Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

Insights & Conclusions:

High level of complexity Providing a coordination between a host of very stakeholders with different roles entails a rather large level of complexity. Each of them have their own habits, resources or tools and the difficulty is to make the solution attractive to every member of the community: citizen, NGO, municipalities and even business.

Needs identification Different refugees needs possible: clothes, children toys, accommodations, entertainment through social activities, work, learning Swedish, find a mentorand having a translator for fulfilling legal documents.

Motivation for helping The goal is to give an idea to people about what the refugees really need  when they arrive. Most of the people in Sweden wants to help but they don’t know what they can give to make a difference and this good will can fade away in time.

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