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Care After Prison (CAP) Bootcamp

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  • What: 

    Care After Prison offers services to support people to live crime free lives once they have left the prison system. They help people in various areas of accommodation, education, finance, addiction and much more.

  • Who: Care After Prison Bootcamp which is the brainchild of Enactus DCU, involves ex-prisoner Kieron Kearney running fitness classes in Albert College Park beside DCU. The hour-long classes run every Wednesday at 3.30pm and are open to everyone. The classes cost €5 and all fitness levels are welcome.
  • When: 2009
  • Where: Dublin


The instructor, Kieron who spend time in prison, gave a talk when the last bootcamp was finished, raising awareness about drug safety and speaking about his personal experience and how he reformed himself. Every week, there were increasing numbers at Bootcamp on campus. This alone is raising awareness and breaking down barriers. People attending week in and week out can see the positive effect this has on Kieron, and learn from his skills and talents. It really drives home the fact that people deserve a second chance.

"With CAP our members have had their eyes opened to what it’s like to accept someone who has been rejected by society. They have not only learnt from Kieron in an exercise sense but they’ve learnt from him as a person too."


By people just showing up to the fitness classes the project is already decreasing the stigma against ex-prisoners on campus. The increased numbers every week means that we continue to increase our awareness.

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