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Camphill Crafts

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  • What: 

    Camphill Communities of Ireland is part of an international charitable trust working with people with intellectual disabilities and other kinds of special needs. The residents of the communities get an opportunity to learn various crafts. They make high-quality, creative products and any pieces that are made are sold in the store, at the annual open day and in local craft fairs.

  • Who: The volunteers for this project travel to Camphill, which is a community of people with intellectual disabilities. We take candles and weavery products and sell them ¬†and give them the profits. One impact for the Camphill Community is the feeling of pride from seeing that people want to buy the things they make. They also receive increased profits which improves their standard of life in Camphill. The volunteers for Camphill Crafts get marketing skills and get to interact with people with intellectual disabilities.
  • When: Since 2015


A group of DCU Students in Enactus recognised that through working with the community that there were no distribution channels set up to sell their craft produce. The only route to market was through Camphill open days held twice a year. By creating a team of volunteer personal sellers who were passionate about the cause they had developed a distribution team with access to a much larger market. Included in this team of personal sellers were people that already had stalls at various different markets throughout the country.


To avoid the enterprise being copied the team put strong emphasis on the production process. Without it becoming their U.S.P they wanted the ethos of sustainability, empowerment and self-actualisation to become a defining factor in the differentiation strategy. Camphill Crafts has been running for a year now and this year we have begun to sell products and make a profit for the Camphill community.

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