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This project is coordinated by Glasgow Caledonian University

A distinctive, inclusive and forward-looking university that is committed to its social mission to promote the common good. It is an international centre of excellence in higher education, promoting employability and global citizenship in its graduates.

Glasgow Caledonian University Students Association 

GCU Students' Association exists to represent and enable GCU students to enhance all aspects of their student experience. Their values are Diversity, Community, Participation, Fun, Support and Leadership. They are an award winning organisation.

University of Aveiro

The UA’s mission is to create knowledge and expand access to knowledge through research, education and cooperation for the benefit of people and society; to undertake the project of global development of the individual; to be active in the construction of a European research and education community; and to promote a model of regional development based on innovation and scientific and technological knowledge.

Dublin City University 

DCU is a young, dynamic and ambitious university with a distinctive mission to transform lives and societies through education, research and innovation. Since admitting its first students in 1980, DCU has grown in both student numbers and size and is now a multi campus environment Glasnevin, located just north of Dublin city.

Office of Student Life - Dublin City University

The Office of Student Life aims to promote and enhance the student experience outside the classroom by providing opportunities for student growth and development. The Office works with the University to complement the traditional academic mission, by supporting recognized clubs and societies and the Students' Union and by encouraging creative learning and leadership development.

Eindhoven University of Technology

TU/e is at the centre of society. They play a significant role in tackling major societal challenges in fields like health, energy and mobility. Through close cooperation with industry and the healthcare sector they translate their research results into innovative products and services. Their slogan is ‘TU/e: Where innovation starts’.

Interactive Institute Swedish ICT

Interactive Institute is the preferred research and innovation partner for leading organizations focusing on the global challenges and opportunities of our time. They provide a competitive edge through world-class interactive solutions, services and products that dramatically change and improve the way people understand and interact with the world around them.