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16 Days of Activism @ GCU Campaign

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  • What: 

    GCU Nursing Society led the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign in November 2015. The campaign focused on giving women a voice, allow- ing them to share experiences and discuss the role of healthcare professionals in the fight against abuse towards women.

  • Who: GCU Students’ Association
  • When: November – December 2015
  • Where: Glasgow


The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign was promoted and supported by an online blog: “RaRaRouge.com” in which student nurses and female GCU students were encouraged to share their opinions or personal experiences of harassment. The Nursing Society members also posted interesting pieces on how healthcare professionals are confronted with the issue, and how they are expected to handle the situation. Over the course of the 16 days, the blog received over 8000 hits and was used as an example of good practice for other institutions to follow in a parliamentary debate.

Beneficiaries & Stakeholders:

The GCU Nursing Society have worked hard to establish a strong bond with the female population of GCU through this campaign, but have also managed to engage with male students to provide them with advice and guidance on how to address this sensitive topic.

Insights & Conclusions:

Increasing awareness of a sensitive issue such as gender-based violence can be difficult. Students must be willing to talk about their own experiences. The Nursing Society were able to effectively encourage and collaborate with fellow students, handling all information with respect and providing contributors with anonymity.

The fact that the blog received 8000 hits in just 16 days shows the importance of addressing this topic, clearly many students are interested and may be seeking guidance.

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